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Definition of "plague-spot" [plague-spot]

  • A spot characteristic of the plague or of some foul disease. (noun)
  • A spot or locality where the plague or other foul disease is prevalent. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "plague-spot" in a sentence
  • "It seemed as though the world were becoming ignited from that one plague-spot of fire."
  • "The pupil in the school possessing the happiest disposition was a young girl from the country, Louise Path; she was sufficiently benevolent and obliging, but not well taught nor well mannered; moreover, the plague-spot of dissimulation was in her also; honour and principle were unknown to her, she had scarcely heard their names."
  • "Besides that, it was easier, there being nothing to conceal; whereas, in referring to an earlier time, a certain name had to be shirked and gone round about, like a plague-spot."