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Definition of "pituita" []

  • Phlegm; mucus. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "pituita" in a sentence
  • "Note 189: This body by which we are all sustained and live is composed ... of four humors, for it has in it blood, red bile, which we call choler, black bile, which we call melancholy, and phlegm, which is called pituita in Latin ...."
  • "Chrysippus himself liberally grants them to be fools as well as others, at certain times, upon some occasions, amitti virtutem ait per ebrietatem, aut atribilarium morbum, it may be lost by drunkenness or melancholy, he may be sometimes crazed as well as the rest: [778] ad summum sapiens nisi quum pituita molesta."
  • "Galen holds it may be engendered of three alone, excluding phlegm, or pituita, whose true assertion [1064] Valesius and Menardus stiffly maintain, and so doth [1065] Fuschius, Montaltus, [1066] Montanus."