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Definition of "peach-bloom" [peach-bloom]

  • The soft down of the peach-skin; hence, the delicate flush of a healthy complexion. (noun)
  • In ceramics, a glaze of Oriental porcelain of the color of the skin of a peach ripening in the sun, shading from pale red to pink. Compare peach-blow, 1. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "peach-bloom" in a sentence
  • "The lissome limbs were not rigid, a peach-bloom touched the cheeks, the lips were red -"
  • "She flits before me now: The peach-bloom of her gauzy crepe, The plaited tails of hair, The ribbons floating from the summer hat,"
  • "The sharp edge of the Cimmerian's hunger blunted, he began to gaze at his fair companion with more interest than previously, noting the lustrous clusters of her dark hair, the peach-bloom tints of her dainty skin, and the rounded contours of her lithe figure which the scanty silk tunic displayed to full advantage."