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Definition of "pauperization" [pau•per•i•za•tion]

  • The act or process of reducing to pauperism. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "pauperization" in a sentence
  • "As she came to understand what didn't "add up," it was that the process of trading the state to outside owners in exchange for their (it now seems) entirely temporary agreement to enrich us, in other words the pauperization of California, had in fact begun at the time Americans first entered the state, took what they could, and, abetted by the native weakness for boosterism, set about selling the rest."
  • "She encounters many especially distressing illustrations of the effects of "pauperization," connecting the decline in California's system of public education and the rise in the California prison system to the bleak ignorance and moral defectiveness exemplified by a tawdry but emblematic incident in Lakewood, California, former site of defense-industry prosperity, and more recently of the "Spur Posse.""
  • "Was it not a kind of pauperization to make men secure in person and property through no efforts of their own, by the agency of a state machinery operating over their heads?"