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Definition of "pass on" [pass on]

  • To convey or communicate. (verb)
  • To skip or decline. (verb)
  • To die. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "pass on" in a sentence
  • "These Rosicrucian Manifestoes, as the publications soon became known, did not themselves pass on any of the secrets, but in announcing the existence of the brotherhood they also suggested that anyone who wanted to know more got in touch with them."
  • "But in the Darwinian stakes it will be out-competed by a rival individual of the same species, who skimps a little on running speed and hence incurs a greater risk of being eaten, but who gets the balance right and ends up with more descendants to pass on the genes for getting the balance right."
  • "Wanted to pass on the proposal of marriage from that odious Gornt Blakeman, no doubt."
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