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Definition of "pass along" [pass along]

  • Transmit information (verb)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "pass along" in a sentence
  • "Carol looked at the footage of the scientist entering and leaving his chamber, all that could be found after she had appeared to Alhouan and communicated all she could to him by covering her hands from view and tracing ceremonial symbols upon his arm to secretly pass along her suspicions."
  • "Soon, if the job description succeeded, it would be up to her to pass along that same aloha spirit of welcome to the applicants for their teaching staff, just as she and the Elm Creek Quilters had done the previous summer at the manor."
  • "Mrs. Calhoun asked her husband to pass along to me a list of his friends and associates who were looking for housecleaners, and in no time I had work lined up every day of the week."