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Definition of "paraleipsis" [par•a•leip•sis]

  • A figure of speech in which one pretends to ignore or omit something by actually mentioning it, as in: "I do not speak of my adversary's scandalous venality and rapacity, his brutal conduct, his treachery and malice". (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "paraleipsis" in a sentence
  • "Michael B says: jukeboxgrad, wise and venerable one, preeminent in modesty and modest formulations (I mock not, nor [now to the audience in feigned sotto voce], nor do I indulge any mean paraleipsis),"
  • "“I shall not introduce—the rhetoricians call this paraleipsis—the wonderful woman sitting, appropriately, on my left, Mrs. Robert Kennedy.”"
  • "That is an example of paraleipsis, the rhetorical technique of pointing something out by asserting you will not point it out, often preceded by the phrase “not to mention.”"