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Definition of "overambition" [overambition]

  • The quality of being overambitious. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "overambition" in a sentence
  • "I feel as if I am being disloyal to my oldest and once-dearest friend, someone whose warmth and generosity used to light up my life, but whose shortcomings such as overambition, overcomplication and, sometimes, lack of focus have started to get me down."
  • "Most certainly, overambition was a near epidemic among the American writers who grew up in the shadow of the absurdly competitive Ernest Hemingway, but you still see traces among more contemporary authors — look at Union Atlantic, the new novel by Adam Haslett, who has tried to cram a bank collapse, the first Gulf War, and a good dose of Emersonian thought between the covers of one book."
  • "In a recent book ( "Luxury Fever"), Cornell University economist Robert Frank urges that we penalize overambition with a progressive consumption tax."
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