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Definition of "origanum" [origanum]

  • A genus of labiate plants of the tribe Satureineæ and the subtribe Menthoideæ, known by the usually two-flowered clusters crowded in heads with conspicuous involucrate bracts. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "origanum" in a sentence
  • "[727] Dead bodies were laid out on a layer of origanum, which is an aromatic plant."
  • "Catchall term for a variety of Mediterranean herbs, from origanum syriacum (Syrian oregano, often mistranslated as “thyme”) to satureja hortensis (summer savory)."
  • "Mejorana (marjoram) origanum onites: Along with thyme, marjoram is the ingredient in the traditional manojo de hirbas de olor - handful of fragrant herbs - mentioned in countless recipes for soups and stews."