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Definition of "operating-table" [operating-table]

  • The table on which the patient rests during a surgical operation. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "operating-table" in a sentence
  • "Kennicott had inherited it from a medical predecessor, and changed it only by adding a white enameled operating-table, a sterilizer, a Roentgen-ray apparatus, and a small portable typewriter."
  • "Foyle strapped the body on the operating-table, opened a case of surgical instruments, and began the delicate operation he had learned by hypno-training that morning ... an operation made possible only by his five-to-one acceleration."
  • "The hall was filled with rusting antique apparatus: a centrifuge, an operating-table, a wrecked fluoroscope, autoclaves, cases of corroded surgical instruments."