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Definition of "obtainable" []

  • Capable of being obtained or procured. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "obtainable" in a sentence
  • "It demonstrated that the maximum work obtainable from a process could be calculated from the heat evolved at temperatures close to absolute zero - earlier ideas had not considered the effects of temperature - and conditions of equilibrium in many chemical reactions could now be precisely worked out."
  • "Matters had, broadly put, reached and remained at that stage, when in the century's last decade experimental examination of mammalian reflexes detected (1892) examples of inhibition of surprising potency and machine-like regularity, readily obtainable from the mammalian spinal cord in its action on the extensors of the hind limb; the inhibitory relaxation of the extension was linked with concomitant reflex contraction of their antagonistic muscles, the flexors."
  • "But such Bank loans require a government guarantee, which is not always obtainable from the government, or indeed always acceptable to the private corporation."