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Definition of "noda" [noda]

  • In entom.: (noun)
  • Same as Phora. (noun)
  • A wide-spread and important genus of Chrysomelidæ, characterized by the shape of the scutellum, which is as broad as it is long and very obtuse, becoming almost circular. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "noda" in a sentence
  • "What are thry doing for healthcare ideas! noda!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Between this office and the church's meeting hall, dozens of other kids in embroidered smocks and denim shirts were playing guitars in competing keys while cigarette smoke whitely filled the long-necked noda bottles into which everyone persisted in dropping butts despite complaints from the vending-machine company."
  • "That specsavers ad pisses me of cos it rips off nagi noda so blatantly."