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Definition of "mountain-sheep" [mountain-sheep]

  • The common wild sheep of the Rocky and other North American mountains; the bighorn, Oris montana. (noun)
  • No less than six species and two subspecies of Ovis have been described from North America, but it is possible that one or two of these may not stand the test of further research. The northernmost species is the white or Dall's sheep, O. dalli, widely spread over northern Alaska. The southernmost and smallest is O. mexicana, from northern Mexico and the adjoining parts of New Mexico. The black or Stone's sheep, O. stonei, from Alaska and British Columbia, is very dark with white belly and marks down the legs. Other species are O. nelsoni and O. fannini. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "mountain-sheep" in a sentence
  • "We have some mountain-sheep herds for milk, cheese, and meat."
  • "Just below this point we found the body of a bighorn mountain-sheep floating in an eddy."
  • "Five mountain-sheep were seen from our boats in one of the sloping grassy meadows above the river."
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