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Definition of "mind-cure" [mind-cure]

  • A professed method of healing which rests upon the suppositions that all diseased states of the body are due to abnormal conditions of the mind, and that the latter (and thus the former) can be cured by the direct action of the mind of the healer upon the mind of the patient. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "mind-cure" in a sentence
  • "James also cites the "mind-cure movement" of Mary Baker Eddy, for whom "evil is simply a lie, and any one who mentions it is a liar" (V, 107)."
  • "In his review of my Werner Erhard (NYR, April 5), Jonathan Lieberson patronizingly alleges that William James was "naïve" in his sympathetic discussion of the "mind-cure" movements of the nineteenth century; and that I have now "fallen" for Werner Erhard."
  • ""Aw, I don't know much about burglaries, -- never had one in the family; but I think a lot about mind-cure and all that sort of thing.""