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Definition of "millipede" [millipede]

  • Any of various crawling herbivorous myriapods of the class Diplopoda, found worldwide and having a cylindrical segmented body with two pairs of legs attached to all segments except for the first four in the thoracic region. Also called diplopod. (noun)

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Use "millipede" in a sentence
  • "Now I want one and have to convince mom why having a 10 inch long, millipede, which is a veggetarian (but will eat carrion) is a good pet."
  • "It's called a millipede migration and there could be a number of reasons why the bugs are coming up from the ground and swarming around homes."
  • "In one kind of millipede, in the male the last pair of legs has a sound-producing apparatus, consisting of a ridged plate, which, by being rubbed against a set of tiny, bead-like bodies set in the surface of the last shield covering the body, produces a peculiar noise."
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