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Definition of "military junta" [military junta]

  • A group of military officers who rule a country after seizing power (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "military junta" in a sentence
  • "She asked me to telephone Leopoldo Galtieri, president of the military junta that ruled Argentina, to urge him not to proceed with the invasion and to say that Britain would use whatever force was necessary to keep her colony."
  • "In 1956 General Henli was shot; with the country in chaos, a military junta took over with the promise of new elections."
  • "A bigger problem was the unexamined notion that a military junta would give up power without a fightand yet that is what the administration had assumed when it backed the Governors Island agreement and focused on how it might assist Haiti after Aristide had returned."