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Definition of "marauder" [ma•raud•er]

  • Someone who moves about in roving fashion looking for plunder. (e.g. a band of marauders) (noun)
  • A band of outlaws who raid and pillage. (noun)
  • By extension anything which marauds. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "marauder" in a sentence
  • "She had been out-manoeuvred and out-run, to say nothing of her having been unceremoniously tumbled in the gravel, and her arrival was like that of a tornado — made up of offended dignity, justifiable wrath, and instinctive hatred for this marauder from the Wild."
  • "It was a faithful likeness of the movie poster for Jurassic Park, with that distinctive script spelling out "When lizards ruled the earth", but instead of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the marauder was a massive fanged gecko looking for something to devour."
  • "He was called a marauder, a cat burglar and the artful dodger, and, to quote him, he says at one point, the more exuberant members of the party opposite have for some years, at elections at any rate, been accustomed to salute me by the expression ` murderer 'and from that point of view,' robber 'is sort of a promotion."