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Definition of "maltreat" [mal•treat]

  • To treat in a rough or cruel way; abuse. See Synonyms at abuse. (verb-transitive)

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Use "maltreat" in a sentence
  • "Henry David Thoreau agonized over pummeling a chestnut with a stone to bring down its nuts: "It is not innocent, it is not just, so to maltreat the tree that feeds us," he wrote in his journal on Oct. 23, 1855."
  • "I believe in the right of self-defence of the weak against the strong, and I do not propose to allow any man to maltreat me at his pleasure, as long as there are any weapons of defence to be had by which I can equalize any strength withhis ...."
  • "I have called him an atavism, but in this he was worse than an atavism, for the males of the lower animals do not maltreat and murder their mates."