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Definition of "mab" [mab]

  • A slattern. (noun)
  • To dress negligently; be slatternly.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "mab" in a sentence
  • "Are you nuts? in these cases, i think the fight was made to make khan a bigger name and serve as a confidence booster in beating an aging former champ in mab, which is nothing new. mab already had a no contest with a fighter he would of torn to bits years ago, but i think it was a sign of things to come. as for not giving credit to the winner, it's barrera's pride and he's always done that, probably the only think i've never liked about him, but he's always laid it out on the ring for his fans and the fight didn't turn out how he planned. mab hasn't really looked impressive as of late for him to deserve a shot at a current champ and i would hate to see him as a gatekeeper or stepping stone as it happened with khan. khan deserved the victory that marco is generally a slow starter he wasn't one when he fought erik and just because he's a slow starter that shouldn't be an excuse. khan still needs to fight a solid 135lber like juan diaz to prove he's for real email"
  • "These rent a crowd protesters mostly covered in veils, scarf, s and mab placards arrive regularly to protest about all things Israel or western government, but where are they when they are needed by the country who gives them protection and succour - NOWHERE!"
  • "Rodri ma6r mab nest merch Cadell Pywys brenhin Pywys."