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Definition of "luteal" [luteal]

  • Of, relating to, or involving the corpus luteum. (adjective)

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Use "luteal" in a sentence
  • "Progesterone levels increase in the second half of the cycle, called the luteal phase, which signals the hypothalamus to slow down GnRH pulses gradually to every four to six hours."
  • "When however, progesterone is in short supply during the second half of the menstrual cycle called a luteal phase defect, the uterine lining remains rigid."
  • "What is the average body temperaure in early pregnancy? im due on in 2 days and have just discovered 2 things on the net, one being that during ovulation and after (if you get pregnant) for 18 weeks your body temp goes up. i havent kept a record of my body temp but if i have ever taken it for one reason or another its beein in the 36's. ive just taken it now and its 37.4. so what im asking is has anyone else out there had anything similar? also ive just discovered something called luteal phase which is the time between ovulation and coming on your period, on average its 10-16 days. i have noticed for the last 2 months its been 14 days but i thought that was a coincidence. my '14th day' was yesterday."
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