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Definition of "lounging-room" [lounging-room]

  • A room for the accommodation of idle visitors, or persons who are waiting, as in a club-house. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "lounging-room" in a sentence
  • "The lower part of the house, which is supported on pillars, is mainly open, and is used for billiard-room, church, lounging-room, afternoon tea-room, and audience-room; but I see nothing of the friendly, easy-going to and fro of Chinese and Malays, which was a pleasant feature of the"
  • "When all but twenty dollars of his money was gone, he moved to a fifteen-cent lodging-house in the Bowery, where there was a bare lounging-room filled with tables and benches as well as some chairs."
  • "A "rotunda" with glass roof at the rear of hall, first story, is intended as a lounging-room for ladies and gentlemen, and a veranda 35 feet in width in front opens upon Bull Street."