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Definition of "locomotor" []

  • Of or relating to locomotion; locomotive. (adjective)

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Use "locomotor" in a sentence
  • "We devised novel experiments to examine how the limbs of elephants support and propel their mass and to explore the factors that may constrain locomotor performance in these largest of living land animals."
  • "In view of all this intraspecific variability, Shine & Shetty (2001a) noted how Yellow-lipped sea kraits might ‘offer exceptional opportunities to study phylogenetic shift in locomotor ability’ because they ‘display considerable intraspecific and interspecific diversity in terms of the degree to which they use terrestrial vs. aquatic habits’ (p. 338)."
  • "Intraspecific variation in locomotor ability was studied in L. colubrina by Shine & Shetty (2001a) who found that males were substantially more agile on land than were females."