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Definition of "larva" []

  • The newly hatched, wingless, often wormlike form of many insects before metamorphosis. (noun)
  • The newly hatched, earliest stage of any of various animals that undergo metamorphosis, differing markedly in form and appearance from the adult. (noun)
  • Roman Mythology A malevolent spirit of the dead; a lemur. (noun)

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Use "larva" in a sentence
  • "The larva of the Meloidæ, before reaching the nymphal state, passes through four forms, which I call the _primary larva_, the _secondary larva_, the _pseudochrysalis_ and the _tertiary larva_."
  • "The word larva is first recorded in English in its scientific sense in 1768, although it had been used in its “spirit” sense in 1651 in a way that foreshadowed the usage by Linnaeus."
  • "The word larva referring to the newly hatched form of insects before they undergo metamorphosis comes from the Latin word lārva, meaning “evil spirit, demon, devil.”"