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Definition of "lamellibranchiata" [lamellibranchiata]

  • A group of mollusks without distinct head or cephalic eyes, with the branchiæ on each side of the body and generally expanded in a plate-like or lamelliform manner, and with a shell of two lateral valves completely or partly inclosing the body.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "lamellibranchiata" in a sentence
  • "-- Description of the cephalopods, gasteropods and lamellibranchiata."
  • "The cephalopods of the system are all of an obsolete type, that disappeared myriads of ages ago, -- a remark which, with the exceptions just intimated, and perhaps one or two others, applies equally to its brachipods; but of at least two of its intermediate families, -- the gasteropoda and lamellibranchiata, -- several of the forms resemble those of recent shells of the temperate latitudes."