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Definition of "lambda" []

  • The 11th letter of the Greek alphabet. See Table at alphabet. (noun)
  • A lambda baryon. (noun)

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Use "lambda" in a sentence
  • "Therefore 1995 as the pivot year in the cusum chart is not cherry-picked, it emerges from the assumptions used to create the chart: lambda = 6, lambda+ = 8, lambda- = 4 and ARL greater than 400. k+ is then 7 and k- is 5."
  • "To produce the graph in #43 I used the Excel spreadsheet sspois.xls found here from Hawkins and Olwell of the University of Minnesota and based on their book “Cumulative Sum Charts and Charting for Quality Improvement” with lambda =5.5, lambda+ = 9 and lambda- = 2."
  • "In this case lambda is 6, lambda+ is 8 and lambda- is 4."