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Definition of "keb" []

  • To cast a lamb immaturely; lose a lamb in any way: said of a ewe.
  • A ewe that has brought forth immaturely, or has lost her lamb. (noun)
  • A tick or sheep-louse. (noun)
  • An abbreviation of Keble College, Oxford. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "keb" in a sentence
  • "Moors, whose feats were quoted by Mrs. Elliot to her grandsons; and, accordingly, is generally represented as bewitching the sheep, causing the ewes to keb, that is to cast their lambs, or seen loosening the impending wreath of snow to precipitate its weight on such as take shelter, during the storm, beneath the bank of a torrent, or under the shelter of a deep glen."
  • "'Not a bloody word!' replied the little man, '' E picked 'isself up, and called a keb wot was passin' an 'got inter it an' went 'ome; an' I never seen no more of 'im until about' arf-past eleven the next day, w'en I was second-coatin 'the room, an' 'e comes up with a noo suit o' clothes on, an 'arsts me if I'd like to come hover to the pub an' 'ave"
  • "In other words, the only way that the Republicans can filibuster anything is if they have Democrat Senator support. keb"
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