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Definition of "jury" []

  • Law A body of persons sworn to judge and give a verdict on a given matter, especially a body of persons summoned by law and sworn to hear and hand down a verdict upon a case presented in court. (noun)
  • A committee, usually of experts, that judges contestants or applicants, as in a competition or exhibition; a panel of judges. (noun)
  • To judge or evaluate by a jury: jurying submitted samples for a crafts fair. (verb-transitive)
  • Nautical Intended or designed for temporary use; makeshift: a jury sail. (adjective)

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Use "jury" in a sentence
  • "But (_to the clerk_) read the jury the actual letter -- written by Aeschines, sent by Philip; and (_to the jury_) do you observe that it is such as I have described."
  • "God's purpose in each case, and what God actually accomplishes in each case, in the development of character, -- these have not yet been placed before the jury; but, backed up by many fulfilled prophecies, by the character of Jesus Christ, by His resurrection, by what He has accomplished in the world, we have God's solemn assurance that _He will yet place this evidence before the jury_."
  • "(And Louisiana was so governed for years after the purchase, with different tariff requirements from those of the United States, and without trial by jury in civil cases.) _Again, the United States may even_ (as in the case of Consular Courts) _withhold the right of trial by jury_."
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