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Definition of "jejune" []

  • Not interesting; dull: "and there pour forth jejune words and useless empty phrases” ( Anthony Trollope). (adjective)
  • Lacking maturity; childish: surprised by their jejune responses to our problems. (adjective)
  • Lacking in nutrition: a jejune diet. (adjective)

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Use "jejune" in a sentence
  • "Quigley explained why he loves the word "jejune'' - "it just looks like a wrong word; it's crazy, I would never use it in conversation'' - and talks about personalities we both admire, such as Rex Parker, the self-proclaimed "king of CrossWorld'', Elizabeth Gorski, and the men he calls the "Three Jesuses'' of crosswords: Patrick Berry, Mike Shenk and Frank Longo."
  • "Will someone please call the jejune nutjobs in Seattle and tell them to GROW THE FUCK UP?"
  • "Arguably, Alyosha's religion * is* "jejune" at that point; he has not yet undergone his crisis after the death of Father Zossima."