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Definition of "institutor" [in•sti•tu•tor]

  • One who institutes something. (noun)
  • One who educates; an instructor. (noun)
  • A presbyter appointed by the bishop to institute a rector or assistant minister over a parish church. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "institutor" in a sentence
  • "Louis de Paramo, one of the most respectable writers and most brilliant luminaries of the Holy Office, relates, in the second chapter of his second book, that God was the first institutor of the Holy Office, and that he exercised the power of the preaching brethren, that is of the Dominican Order, against Adam."
  • "Daminus mendacii a seipso deceptus, alios decipere cupit, adversarius humani generis, Inventor mortis, superbiae institutor, radix malitiae, scelerum caput, princeps omnium vitiorum, fuit inde in Dei contumeliam, hominum perniciem: de horum conatibus et operationibus lege Epiphanium."
  • "And truly there never was any extraordinary institutor of laws among a people who did not have recourse to God, because otherwise he would not have been accepted; for they [these laws] are very well known by prudent men, but which by themselves do not contain evident reasons capable of persuading others."