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Definition of "incorruptibility" [in•cor•rupt•i•bil•i•ty]

  • The condition of being incorruptible; honesty (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "incorruptibility" in a sentence
  • "You make the implicit assumption that being a scientist automatically confers on an individual the highest levels of integrity, honesty and incorruptibility in other words you regard scientists in much the same way that parishioners regard priests."
  • "The death of the body meanwhile is but temporary, and is made no account of by Christ and the apostles. brought ... to light -- making visible by the Gospel what was before hidden in God's purpose. life -- of the Spirit, acting first on the soul here, about to act on the body also at the resurrection. immortality -- Greek, "incorruptibility" of the new life, not merely of the risen body [Alford], (Ro 8: 11). through -- by means of the Gospel, which brings to light the life and immortality purposed by God from eternity, but manifested now first to man by Christ, who in His own resurrection has given the pledge of His people's final triumph over death through Him."
  • ""incorruptibility" of the heavenly bodies, their external connexion with "motor spirits", the influence of the stars on the generation of earthly beings, the four "simple" bodies, etc."