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Definition of "incoordination" [in•co•ör•di•na•tion]

  • Lack of coordination, especially of normal voluntary and harmonious control of muscular movement. (noun)

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Use "incoordination" in a sentence
  • "Lesions involving these cranial cervical nerves or the vestibulospinal input to the vestibular apparatus can result in signs of vestibular disease (such as incoordination or loss of balance). ""
  • "· Current events · Disclaimers Error - About Wikipedia · extreme weakness, incoordination, nausea vomiting and herbal products and anxiety because of tramadol not substitute for, purposes other opioids/opiates, Tramadol Systematic (IPA:) is not for other opioids."
  • "Paralysis of the muscles of the eyelids, staggering gait, incoordination of speech, paralysis of the limbs, drooping of the head and complete paralysis of all volunatry muscles develop."