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Definition of "inadequateness" [inadequateness]

  • Inadequacy (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "inadequateness" in a sentence
  • "One often hears from both younger and older citizens of Ukraine that democracy does not properly work there because of the low political culture, moral inadequateness or similar deficiencies of Kiev's political elite."
  • "If then you would infer anything against me, your difficulty must not be drawn from the inadequateness of our conceptions of the Divine nature, which is unavoidable on any scheme; but from the denial of Matter, of which there is not one word, directly or indirectly, in what you have now objected."
  • "This can be countered by another argument that ID, by showing the inadequateness of current explanations, may help awaken the scientists from their intellectual slumber, something that often takes place given the inertia of the scientific culture and other cultures."