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Definition of "ignobility" [ig•no•bil•i•ty]

  • The state or condition of being ignoble. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ignobility" in a sentence
  • "But regarded purelyfrom the standpoint of blood, such a development was profoundly unfortunate: more and more, the nobility lost the racial basis for its existence, andin large measure the designation of 'ignobility' would have been more suitablefor it."
  • "This week on the most excellent Pseudopod horror podcast, David Nickle's fantastic story "The Inevitability of Earth," a tale about the ignobility of those who would fly:"
  • "If Truthfulness is the Last Taboo, in the meantime the lowest common denominator aspect of our culture sensationalizes other taboos -- like sex of course, even shrouding ignobility over the very requisite deed that continually incarnates us into the continuum of expression -- to manipulate emotions into profit."