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Definition of "hypermutation" [hypermutation]

  • Frequent mutation (noun)
  • The organism or gene that results from such a mutation (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "hypermutation" in a sentence
  • "The same thing goes for the immune system (progressive improvement of binding), but somatic hypermutation is an informationally-driven process, with selection (and, in the case of SMH, it is an artificial selection) accounting for only a small part of the innovation."
  • "When such patients were treated with Temodar and subsequently had a recurrence of the tumor, it was very likely to become resistant to treatment because of "hypermutation" -- an increased rate of gene changes that led to the tumor's ability to evade the drugs."
  • "It is thus not inconceivable that some of the sequences in the proposed Universal Genome in the Origin of Metazoa might have no immediate effect on fitness, but still have a function by acting as a reservoir of genetic material on which variation inducing mechanisms such as sequence duplication, somatic hypermutation, gene conversion and homologous recombination can act upon during periods of selection."
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