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Definition of "hydrogen-bonded" [hydrogen-bonded]

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Use "hydrogen-bonded" in a sentence
  • "In the oft told story (Watson 1968), Watson and Crick collaborated to build a model of the double helical structure of DNA, with its two helical strands held together by hydrogen-bonded base pairs."
  • "Besides these activities in high resolution NMR, we always had a research program in solid state NMR going aiming at methodological developments, such as improved 2D spectroscopy techniques and spin diffusion, and applications to particular systems such as one-dimensional organic conductors, polymer blends, and dynamics in hydrogen-bonded carboxylic acids in collaboration with Thomas Baumann, Pablo Caravatti, Federico"
  • "Thus the amide groups on the periphery of the molecule are all hydrogen-bonded to those of neighboring molecules either directly or through water molecules, except one, that on ring B."