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Definition of "hold up" []

  • To wait or delay. (verb)
  • To support or lift. (verb)
  • To withstand; to stand up to; to survive. (verb)
  • To fulfil / fulfill or complete one's part of an agreement (verb)
  • To rob at gunpoint (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "hold up" in a sentence
  • "Part of the rock-and-roll flower-child generation, they would hold up hand-lettered signs indicating where they wanted to go, and usually, they would be picked up and transported some or all the way there."
  • "Just then a voice behind him said, “Emissary?” and Sisko turned to see a Romulan in an ill-fitting Bajoran-style uniform hold up a gleaming metallic padd encased in what appeared to be gold."
  • "CUTOFF MAN: infielder who catches a throw from an outfielder in an attempt to hold up a base runner who is heading for a base or home plate or to get a ball to its intended target faster."