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Definition of "hard cash" [hard cash]

  • Money in the form of bills or coins (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "hard cash" in a sentence
  • "In hard cash the treasurer of the Court of Augmentation acknowledges to have received, as merely "part payment of the various sums of money due to the king for fines or compositions for the toleration and continuance" of only thirty-one of these refounded monasteries, some 5948 pounds, 6s. 8d. or hardly less, probably, than 60,000 pounds of 1910 money."
  • "But though Luke had long decided his life’s objective lay in 100,000 acres out around Kynuna or Winton, and worked toward it with single-minded zeal, the truth was that at heart he loved hard cash far more than what it might eventually buy him; not the possession of land, nor its inherent power, but the prospect of stockpiling rows of neat figures in his bankbook, in his name."
  • "Oatsie Manglehand’s clients had paid good hard cash for her service."