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Definition of "guereza" [gue•re•za]

  • A reddish-brown colobus monkey from Abyssinia (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "guereza" in a sentence
  • "Other primate species include black-and-white colobus Colobus guereza, red-tailed guenon C. ascanius schmidti, blue guenon C. mitis mitis, vervet C. aethiops, and olive baboon Papio anubis plus nocturnal prosimians."
  • "The most common primate recorded by Barber et al. was baboon Papio anubis, with lower numbers of patas and tantalus monkeys (Cercopithecus patas and C. tantalus), and low numbers of black and white colobus monkeys Colobus guereza in the dry forest."
  • "Other mammals found in this ecoregion include olive baboon (Papio anubis), black and white colobus monkey (Colobus guereza), golden jackal (Canis aureus), leopard (Panthera pardus), lion (Panthera leo), spotted hyaena (Crocuta crocuta), caracal (Caracal caracal), serval (Felis serval), bush duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia) and bush pig (Potamochoerus porcus)."