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Definition of "grounding" []

  • The return to a fully conscious state after a psychedelic experience. (noun)
  • The collision of a ship with ground beneath the surface of the water. (noun)
  • The permanence of aircraft on land because of government action. (noun)
  • The interconnecting metal chassis/frame of a device, appliance, machine, or metal raceway via a designated conductor to earth at the Service Panel. The conductor may be bare or covered (with green plastic which may have a yellow stripe (US).) This conductor does NOT carry current in normal operation. (noun)
  • The absorption of energy through visualized "roots" descending from oneself into the ground, using Qi. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "grounding" in a sentence
  • "Isolation transformers are an option if proper grounding is not an option, it depends on how desperate/paranoid you are."
  • ""A short-term grounding of the fleet would have limited economic impact but be of considerable nuisance value for travelers and another blow to Australia's tourism industry already struggling under a high AUD," Ivan Colhoun , head of Australian Economics and Property Research at ANZ said in the note."
  • "While it is more than likely that Frank Lloyd Wright never uttered the word “sustainable,” in grounding his work in nature, and in the intensity and thoroughness that he brought to bear upon his commissions, Wright frequently arrived at solutions of a sustainable nature that seem remarkably prescient today."