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Definition of "glomerulus" [‖Glo•mer•u•lus]

  • Anatomy A small cluster or mass of blood vessels or nerve fibers. (noun)
  • Anatomy A tuft of capillaries situated within a Bowman's capsule at the end of a renal tubule in the vertebrate kidney that filters waste products from the blood and thus initiates urine formation. (noun)

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Use "glomerulus" in a sentence
  • "If you are speaking at the Society for Nephrology meeting, you probably don’t have to explain what a glomerulus is or convince them that its study is important for understanding kidney function."
  • "Enteropneusta called the glomerulus, a vascular complex placed on either side of the anterior portion of the stomochord, projecting into the proboscis-coelom."
  • "The glomerulus is a lobulated net-work of convoluted capillary bloodvessels, held together by scanty connective tissue."