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Definition of "glass-eyed" [glass-eyed]

  • Having a white eye, or one which in some other respect, as texture or fixedness, is likened to glass or to a glass eye; wall-eyed; goggle-eyed.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "glass-eyed" in a sentence
  • "Those memories always end the same way, with me staring glass-eyed at the chalkboard and giggling whenever the teacher mentioned dangling participles."
  • "Drown them drown them drown them in rum, flood them out at three in the morning to ashen glass-eyed faces."
  • "And Ann herself has a defender in glass-eyed Clinton Tyree, formerly governor and now a vigilante-style nemesis to the developers who are turning Florida's wilderness into cinder blocks and asphalt."
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