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Definition of "germ" []

  • Biology A small mass of protoplasm or cells from which a new organism or one of its parts may develop. (noun)
  • The earliest form of an organism; a seed, bud, or spore. (noun)
  • A microorganism, especially a pathogen. (noun)
  • Something that may serve as the basis of further growth or development: the germ of a project. (noun)

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Use "germ" in a sentence
  • "[Footnote: In some cases of sexless multiplication the germ is a cell-aggregate -- if we call germ only that which is already detached from the parent organism.]"
  • "It is believed that cryptorchidism results from a defect in germ cell maturation in the undescended testis."
  • "Among the 38 was a testis-specific cell-adhesion gene (tpx-1) involved in germ cell maturation and sperm tail formation."