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Definition of "genus" []

  • Biology A taxonomic category ranking below a family and above a species and generally consisting of a group of species exhibiting similar characteristics. In taxonomic nomenclature the genus name is used, either alone or followed by a Latin adjective or epithet, to form the name of a species. See Table at taxonomy. (noun)
  • Logic A class of objects divided into subordinate species having certain common attributes. (noun)
  • A class, group, or kind with common attributes. (noun)

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Use "genus" in a sentence
  • "_Tr_ II 381-82 '_omne genus scripti_ grauitate tragoedia uincit:/haec quoque materiam semper amoris habet' and _Tr_ II 517-18 'an _genus hoc scripti_ faciunt sua pulpita [' stage '] tutum,/quodque licet, mimis scaena licere dedit?'."
  • "This highest genus, this _genus generalissimum_, is, in peripatetic language, a category; and no purpose or use has ever been assigned to any one of these categories, of which ten were enumerated at first, beyond that of classification -- _i.e. _ a purpose of mere convenience."
  • "More specifics on my previous post: I do know that the angels differ in genus, that is, each angle is its own genus."