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Definition of "galvanism" [gal•va•nism]

  • Direct-current electricity, especially when produced chemically. Also called voltaism. (noun)
  • Therapeutic application of direct-current electricity, especially the electric stimulation of nerves and muscle. (noun)

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Use "galvanism" in a sentence
  • "This action was long called galvanism, after this observer, not, however, that he was absolutely the first to notice a fact of which he was but a re-discoverer -- Swammerdam as long ago as 1658 having observed such motions."
  • "Once he heard a lecture on the impossibility of applying steam navigation to the ocean; at another time he saw the principle of "galvanism" illustrated with a small battery, but the impracticability of its use for industrial purposes on account of the high cost of mercury was pointed out."
  • "English speakers borrowed the word as "galvanism" in 1797; the verb "galvanize" was introduced in 1802."