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Definition of "gadflies" [gadflies]

  • Plural form of gadfly. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "gadflies" in a sentence
  • "They tended to be the sort of persistently-involved residents newspapermen often refer to as "gadflies" - deeply, obsessively concerned about issues large and infinitesimal in the communities where they lived."
  • "What are so-called gadflies like Olbermann and Moyers afraid of?"
  • "This link is sort of off-topic but really not, as it's yet another case (as in the present one) of the media doing their level best to shout down "the critics" -- the nattering nabobs of negativism -- and then, years later, admitting that the "gadflies" were right all along, and that what looked like a scam, walked like a scam, and quacked like a scam was -- quelle surprise!"