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Definition of "fur-bearing" [fur-bearing]

  • Yielding a fur or peltry of commercial value, as an animal: sometimes specifically applied to the members of the family Mustelidæ.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "fur-bearing" in a sentence
  • "So I turned around and came home, called my Mom to have her send thecoughlin to pick up the fur-bearing members of the household, called my garage, called Triple A ... at least the tow truck guy was cute."
  • "But contrary to what historians of the trade's earliest days suggest, the storied American pursuit of fur didn't cease with Britain's disruptive wartime invasion of the rebelling colonies or even with the near extinction of certain fur-bearing animals in the Northeastern colonies."
  • "Many fur-bearing animals are killed daily on fur farms by anal and vaginal electrocution, which ultimately fries their insides, and in the wild by drowning, beating, stomping or trapping."
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