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Definition of "fracture" []

  • The act or process of breaking. (noun)
  • The condition of having been broken or ruptured: "a sudden and irreparable fracture of the established order” ( W. Bruce Lincoln). (noun)
  • A break, rupture, or crack, especially in bone or cartilage. (noun)
  • Mineralogy The characteristic manner in which a mineral breaks. (noun)
  • Mineralogy The characteristic appearance of the surface of a broken mineral. (noun)

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Use "fracture" in a sentence
  • "If, therefore, the part which is depressed -- that is, the part directly struck -- happens to be less elastic than the part which bulges, it gives way, and a fracture by "bending" results; but if the bulging part is the less elastic, it bursts outwards -- _fracture by_"
  • "From the frequency with which this fracture occurs while cranking a motor-car, it is conveniently described as _Chauffeur's fracture_; we have observed in doctors, who have sustained this fracture in their own persons, that they were under the impression that they had sustained a trivial sprain of the wrist."
  • "If the limits of its elasticity are not exceeded, the bone recoils into its normal position when the force ceases to act; but if the bone is bent beyond the point from which it can recoil, a fracture takes place -- "_fracture by bending_.""