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Definition of "foot-page" []

  • A footboy; an attendant or lackey; an errand-boy. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "foot-page" in a sentence
  • "When Sindbad the Porter had made an end of reciting his verses, he bore up his burden and was about to fare on, when there came forth to him from the gate a little foot-page, fair of face and shapely of shape and dainty of dress who caught him by the hand saying, “Come in and speak with my lord, for he calleth for thee.”"
  • "Callum Beg, the sort of foot-page who used to attend his person, and who had now in charge to wait upon Waverley."
  • "Melliora retires to a convent, and her lover goes to travel in Italy, where his charms cause one lady to take poison for love of him, and another to follow him disguised as the little foot-page Fidelio."