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Definition of "fole" [fole]

  • A Middle English form of foal. (noun)
  • A Middle English form of fool. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "fole" in a sentence
  • "We are particularly concerned about Venezuela as President Chavez continues to disrespect the legitimate fole of democratic institutions, restrict freedom, including by closing press outlets and use the judiciary to persecute political opponents, Jacobson said."
  • "PHOTO: At ease in his fole as Clinton scourge: Brown has been an 'Anybody But' candidate before (JAQUES CHENET -- NEWSWEEK) THE MANY FACES OF JERRY BROWNOnce a Jesuit seminarian, twice governor of California, three times a presidential contender, Jerry Brown is the reincarnated pol."
  • "Rofl i tink it ish a giant bebe, but it can has be leetle tineh fole :3"
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