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Definition of "flatworm" [flat•worm]

  • Any of various parasitic and nonparasitic worms of the phylum Platyhelminthes, such as a tapeworm or a planarian, characteristically having a soft, flat, bilaterally symmetrical body and no body cavity. Also called platyhelminth. (noun)

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Use "flatworm" in a sentence
  • "Or of the Spirometra mansoni, commonly called a flatworm, which can grow up to fourteen inches long and take up residence in your brain, where it feeds upon your cerebral matter until you are reduced to a vegetative state?"
  • "The flatworm is the simplest living multicellular animal to have bilateral symmetry, and its primeval ancestors must have been the first to develop this."
  • "The color of the flatworm is a very dark brown and the stomach with a thin pale line."